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Guess what? #Phimax Consulting Services had an intern for the first time; today was his last day! 🥳 Let us introduce you to Marius, a 17-year-old student who stepped into the wild world of IT, specifically SAP, for his first-ever internship. And what a ride it was! 🚀💻

The Journey Begins…

Marius joined us at Phimax Consulting Services fresh-faced and eager to learn. We kicked things off with some workshops where we dived into SAP and S4H basics. 🌐 We explained how these systems talk to each other, the interfaces involved, and all the technical magic behind the scenes. 🤓 It was all new to him, and he soaked it up like a sponge!

Workshops & Learning Galore

From process modelling, analysis, and optimization to compliance risks and project management, Marius took a crash course in everything an IT consultant might face at Phimax Consulting Services. 🛠️📊

The first milestone was an introductory presentation for our colleague Hannah. Marius nailed it! 👏 He showed us all that he could grasp the basics quickly and present them confidently.

Thrown into the Deep End…

Then came the real challenge. We threw Marius into the deep end with SAP Signavio. 🌊 This isn’t just tough for newbies; even seasoned consultants with 20 years of experience find it complex. Imagine being 17 and trying to master it! 😅

Marius had to give an in-depth presentation on Signavio. It was tough, no doubt. But he faced it head-on, researched, and gave it his best shot. Sure, there were bumps along the way, but that’s part of the learning curve. 📈 His perseverance and hard work were truly commendable. 💪

The Final Presentation

To wrap things up, Marius gave a final presentation on mathematics and mechatronics, tying in with his Fachabi studies. 📚 He showcased how far he’d come and how much he’d learned during his time with us.

Our Takeaways…

Having Marius as our first intern was an eye-opening experience for us at Phimax Consulting Services. It was challenging, exciting, and ultimately rewarding for both sides. 🌟

We learned much about mentoring, and Marius got a real taste of IT. This won’t be our last time hosting an intern. We’re already looking forward to the next one! 😄

To Sum Up…

Marius, thank you for your hard work, determination, and eagerness to learn. 🙌 You’ve set the bar high for future interns, and we can’t wait to see where your career takes you next. 🚀

To everyone reading this, stay tuned for more exciting updates from our team. And if you’re thinking about an internship, who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next one to join our ranks and embark on an unforgettable journey! 🌟

Catch you all later! 👋

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