Logistics Consulting Services

Our consultants are equipped to handle diverse logistics challenges, from inventory management to supply chain optimization and transportation streamlining. Clients turn to us when they need to adjust their logistics to align with new business plans or sales forecasts.

With Phimax logistics consulting services in Germany, we empower clients across industries to solve any business challenge by utilizing our expertise, collaborative approach, and unbiased perspective.

Logistics Consulting Services

The Link in Supply Chain Evolution


At Phimax Logistics Consulting Services, we specialize in assisting you in tackling supply chain and logistics challenges head-on, including SAP ABAP services. How? We offer a comprehensive approach by utilizing the power of our Phimax network of experts and our vast project experience combined with local expertise. We work alongside you to revolutionize your supply chain operations, turning them into a strategic asset. Are you ready?


Starting a journey from the current state to the desired future can be daunting, but by helping you craft the appropriate supply chain strategy and network design you can confidently take this significant step forward.


Benefits of Phimax Logistics Consulting


Here are just four of the many compelling reasons to choose Phimax logistics consulting services. It’s that straightforward.


  •     Tap into a versatile team of specialists committed to creating value through close collaboration with you.
  •     Seize the opportunity to optimize your supply chains and contribute to global emission reduction goals.
  •     Explore new business prospects leveraging our extensive project experience.
  •     Feel confident in our expertise as part of the Phimax, offering a broad range of know-how.

Our Logistics Consulting Service Has Clear Goals: Repeatable, Sustainable Results


At Phimax, we believe effective logistics goes beyond standard solutions—it involves understanding your unique business, tackling your challenges head-on, and unlocking your potential for success.


While many businesses prioritize marketing, sales, finance, and production, logistics often takes a back seat. Yet, logistics and supply chain management are measurable, analyzable, and improvable aspects of any business.

We provide assistance to ensure your decisions are well-informed and implement lasting solutions. Our logistics consulting services are designed to assist your company in taking charge of:


  •     Procurement of transportation
  •     Reporting and visibility within the supply chain
  •     Network Optimization
  •     International expansion
  •     Designing and documenting logistics processes
  •     Analyzing processes for improvement

Phimax Logistics offers a clear perspective that enhances your transportation management. We aim to become your trusted supply chain management and logistics partner.




Our consultants collect data on processes, systems, technologies, and performance metrics. They may take interviews with critical stakeholders and firsthand observations to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and areas needing improvement.


Goal Setting:


We utilize the assessment results and client discussions to establish clear objectives for the consulting project.


Strategy Development:


After thoroughly understanding the client’s objectives and challenges, our consultants design a tailored strategy to meet each client’s requirements.




Consultants analyze the collected data and compare the client’s logistics performance to market trends and industry standards.


Performance Monitoring and Optimization:


Our consultants monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) throughout implementation to track progress and identify any deviations from the plan.


After Service:


Our consultants will continue to work with the client to support ongoing improvement efforts and adapt to ever-evolving market conditions, technologies, and business requirements.




Q1: What is logistics consulting?

A: Logistics consultancy involves a team of professionals who excel in pinpointing weaknesses and areas ripe for enhancement within logistics processes. 


Q2: How can logistics consulting services benefit my business?

A: Using Phimax’s expertise, you can streamline operations, boost productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce cost and improve asset utilization.


Q3:How long does it take to see results from implementing recommendations from logistics consulting services?

A: The timeframe for achieving results varies depending on the complexity. In some cases, clients may witness immediate improvements in efficiency and cost savings; in others, it may take several months to realize the full benefits of implemented changes.

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