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Our diverse service portfolio includes project management, system development, personnel management, and IT. We deliver customized solutions and exceptional service to help our clients achieve their business objectives. Our employees are empowered to pursue fulfilling careers through training and professional development opportunities to maximize their potential. We take pride in contributing to the success of both our clients and employees.

Talented, dedicated, and ambitious professionals with diverse skills and expertise across various SAP modules can kick-start an attractive career with us.

We have job openings in the following areas:

Software Solutions:


We develop and produce innovative market-leading software solutions and enhance existing software products for various companies across all industries. Additionally, we are pleased to offer near-shore solutions in ABAP programming. Software Solutions:

We create and deliver cutting-edge software solutions, both new developments and enhancements to existing products, catering to diverse businesses across all sectors. Moreover, we are delighted to provide near-shore solutions in ABAP programming.

Technology Consulting:


We provide clients with cutting-edge, innovative services and solutions. Our consultancy spans management and SAP/ IT topics in all business sectors, from advice to implementation. Our consultants tackle our clients’ strategic challenges, crafting comprehensive and efficient solutions across various locations and industries. Explore our consulting services tailored to your industry here.

We offer customized training programs to enhance your skills, including leadership, communication, and technical expertise. Our interactive methods include case studies, role-playing, and team-building activities. Our experienced trainers provide support and guidance for your learning experience. Our coaching services help identify and overcome obstacles to success. Our philosophy is to unlock your potential and advance your career with tools and resources. Explore our programs and achieve your goals.

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We’re seeking talented and entrepreneurial SAP Professionals ready to take on new challenges and make a meaningful impact. The best part? You don’t need to relocate to Germany – you can work from anywhere in Europe. Join our team and be part of a dynamic environment that values innovation and proactive problem-solving. Your ideas will be encouraged, and your contributions will be highly valued as we foster a culture of growth and development. Ready to take your career to new heights? Apply now and become a valued member of our team.

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