Are you struggling with SAP freelance contracts that need more clarity but also stretch your patience with their lengthy payment terms? And here’s the kicker: while you wait, the recruiting companies face no repercussions for offering such extended terms without clear margins. The time is coming for freelancers to give feedback to recruiting companies about their payment terms, contract transparency, etc.

Unclear and Unfair Contracts: A Growing Frustration

  • Extended Payment Terms: SAP contracts are notorious for their long payment delays, which can leave freelancers in a tough spot. Last week I got a contract with Payment terms of 50 days…
  • Vague Terms with No Accountability: The conditions are often ambiguous, making it difficult to understand what’s been agreed upon, leading to disputes. Moreover, recruiters have no consequences for imposing these protracted terms with unclear profit margins. Are any of you asking about their margin? I do…and I’m not happy with what I’m hearing.

Why It Matters

For freelancers, this means dealing with unreliable cash flow and struggles in financial planning. For recruiters, purchasers, and senior managers, maintaining straightforward contracts is crucial for a credible business operation. Muddy contracts can discourage skilled talent and challenge compliance with procurement standards.

Solutions at Hand

What we all freelancers, self-employed, etc, can do to make our life easier:

  • Simplifying Contracts: We cut through the complexities of SAP contracts, making them easy to grasp.
  • Negotiation Assistance: Our experts help secure fair terms, ensuring timely payments and more transparent agreements.


Don’t let convoluted contracts and unfair practices slow down your business. Turn to companies that offer transparency and simplicity. Let’s make those unclear contracts a thing of the past!

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