Improving user experience UX is essential for every business software as it increases customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty. An enhanced UX empowers employees, creates a positive work environment and improves decision-making. One of the main advantages is that it also saves costs. 

SAP is one of the leading ERP software that has been facing different challenges because of its poor user experience. In this article, we will introduce you to SAP Fiori Apps and how they benefit businesses by enhancing user experience. 

So, get ready to explore the exciting world of SAP Fiori.

What Is SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is a system design application developed by SAP SE. It helps users to complete various tasks on different devices. It consists of the latest UX design and multiple technologies (i.e. consumer-grade design elements) to enhance user productivity. 

The SAP Fiori design language is used in different SAP suites and modules such as SAP S/4HANA, C/4HANA, SAP Data Hub, SAP Analytics Cloud, etc. SAP Fiori Apps also consist of new design guidelines and elements such as an app library, Launchpad and services to help users create and customize their applications while maintaining consistent business software solutions. 

SAP Fiori is an easy-to-implement application to help organizations easily align their IT goals with business objectives. The solution can be implemented using any technology.

Key Characteristics of Fiori Apps

While SAP Fiori apps have many characteristics, the following are the main ones.

Mobile-First Approach

There are more mobile users than desktop users. SAP Fiori is designed for both. It provides a seamless experience across different devices, i.e. smartphones, desktop PCs, laptops and tablets. With SAP Fiori, you don’t need to worry about a clunky desktop-only interface. You can embrace the flexibility to work across multiple devices.

Intuitive Design

No one likes to use apps with confusing menus and cryptic codes. SAP Fiori apps are designed with clear interfaces to provide users with the ease of navigating through the app. It minimizes the learning curve and makes navigation effortless. You can use familiar gestures like swiping, taping and searching just like you do on other apps.

Role-Based Tailoring

Different roles have different needs. Fiori apps understand that overloading information can be overwhelming for you. Therefore, they dynamically adapt specific functions and display only relevant data and information. It saves you time and, of course, mental energy.

Benefits of Using SAP Fiori Apps

Imagine a world where navigating SAP doesn’t feel like climbing a mountain.

With SAP Fiori you can breeze through tasks, access critical data instantly and make informed decisions in a heartbeat. Yes, that’s possible with SAP Fiori Apps. But beyond these good vibes, SAP Fiori offers amazing benefits. Keep on reading to know why implementing Fiori Apps could be helpful to enhance productivity and user satisfaction.

Enhanced User Experience

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to enjoyment! Fiori apps prioritize a user-focus design, making navigating SAP as user-friendly as your favourite social media app. With clear interfaces, familiar gestures, and role-specific information, there’s no need to decipher cryptic codes or navigate complex menus. As a result, users are happier, their training time is reduced, and tasks are completed faster. Happy users mean a happy business!

Increased Productivity

Fiori Apps help you save time and money, afterall time is money. Their intuitive design and streamlined workflows enable faster access to data, task completion, and decision-making. Imagine finding essential information in seconds, commencing approvals with a tap, and generating reports in a beat — all within a familiar, user-friendly environment. Fiori encourages you to do more in less time. It maximizes efficiency and gives you more time to focus on strategic tasks.

Improved Decision-Making

Data is very powerful, but only if you use it effectively. SAP Fiori offers you clear insights in a visually appealing dashboard. It helps you to make well-informed decisions based on real-time data. Isn’t it much better than relying on gut feeling or outdated information? Well, definitely. With a deeper understanding of your business, you can identify trends, anticipate challenges and seize opportunities.

Streamlined Business Processes

Manual data entry is not an option anymore. Fiori apps automate such tasks and integrate seamlessly with other SAP modules. It creates an efficient and smooth workflow. It helps to improve data accuracy,  reduce errors, and faster turnaround times for critical business processes. Can you imagine processing accounts and invoices in just a few clicks? It can happen with a unified and user-friendly platform like SAP Fiori.

Increased User Adoption

As we mentioned earlier, no one likes to use clunky software. With the user-friendly and mobile-friendly interface, users are actually enjoying Fiori Apps. It ultimately increased user adoption, which means more people are actively using Fiori and leveraging its benefits. This increased user adoption fosters data-driven decision-making throughout the organization, which leads to improved performance and success.

Conclusion – Your Journey to Sap Fiori Begins Now

SAP Fiori offers an enhanced UX for SAP applications. It allows developers to easily create and deploy Fiori Apps for different SAP modules with 100% reusable components. 

If you want to implement SAP Fiori or need any other guidance, Phimax is always here to help. As one of the leading SAP consulting services in Germany, we will make sure your business maintains agility and perform tasks more efficiently than ever before.

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